About Nirvana

Nirvana means the perfect place or state of happiness. While peace and happiness are two intangible and immeasurable things, we at Nirvana aim to help more people find them through tangible aspects: the enigmatic water and SUPs.
We want more people to come out and be the adventurers they ought to be. Feeling the bumps and waves move under one’s feet is a priceless experience. All our SUPs utilize UV printing technology that renders all prints resistant to sunlight. The 3-layer structure of our product makes them more durable than single/double-layered SUPs. Nirvana Boards is a California-based company that encourages more people to paddle from one feat to another. Go surfing, racing, flatwater paddling, yoga, or fishing. Our vast choice of SUPs is ready for any type of quest anyone has in mind.

Our Mission

Nirvana aims to deliver innovative SUPs made with high tech solutions, make a dynamic impact on our customers’ lives, and foster a creative environment for like-minded individuals.

Our Vision

Inspire peace and inspiration to those who enjoy cultivating their passion for water sports.

Our Products

Our SUP boards are extremely durable.

Our stand up paddle boards are constructed with our users’ convenience in mind. Hence, we build our boards to be lightweight yet extremely durable.

Our SUP boards are high-performing.

Quality is our top-most priority. To this end, our stand up paddle boards are engineered to perform in all types of demanding environmental conditions.