Hawaiian Voyager


Talk about versatility, and the Hawaiian Voyager will dominate the way. This SUP is fit for beginners who want to enjoy all sorts of activities on the deck without worrying about balance. It’s a lightweight board bearing UV printed deck that’s an easy pick if you love sunset so much.

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The Hawaiian Voyager stands out with its prominent UV printed sunset aesthetic. This technology makes this art more resistant to sun damage. With its non-slip deck, you can bring your little kids on board without worries. Teach them the thrill of paddleboarding, or you can enjoy it yourself for yoga and fishing.

It’s lightweight and rigid build makes it a premier choice for Nirvana customers. It’s made with 3-layer construction, making it more durable than those made with 1 or 2 layers. With its all-around shape, you can enjoy flat water paddles or SUP surfing. Its spacious deck lets you welcome one passenger on board. So bring a pet or any pal that says yes to a thrilling water adventure.

Experience an exhilarating voyage or a calming balance on the water. With the Hawaiian Voyager, your choice can happen.