Rasta Explorer


Are you dying to cruise without compromise? The Rasta Explorer is here, and it gets better. The more you get master paddling with its highly efficient shape, the smoother you glide. With the right confidence in the water, you can enjoy greater travel with fewer strokes.

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With the right paddling conditions, the Rasta Explorer will be fit for any skill level. Beginners may need to choose still and flat waters to take this SUP on a long ride. For expert paddlers, this can be ideal for challenging and fast-paced conditions.

The Rasta explorer is constructed with a 3-layer structure, making it more durable than other SUPs made with 2 or 1 layer only. It’s pointed noise intends to cut through the rough waters easily. Its rigid body makes it highly maneuverable in challenging water conditions.

As a Nirvana customer favorite, the Rasta Explorer has taken many of its passengers to the most energizing bodies of water. It’s been through narrow lakes and dimmest water caves. Don’t worry about taking this wherever you want. Its UV printed deck will last longer since it’s more resistant to the sun.

With Rasta Explorer, you can conquer that next daredevil adventure every summer to your heart’s content.