SUP Rasta Peace 11′


Complete with top-grade SUP accessories, this Nirvana board will take you to your limits. From a durable backpack to a repair kit, you’ve got everything you need to make this board last longer. Make the most out of it as it’s constructed with reinforced PVC drop stitch core material, offering increased stability and strength.

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Built with reinforced PVC drop stitch core material, you’ll float easy and steady with this Nirvana board. With its bungee rope storage system, you can take what you need as you breathe in fresh air while on board. An elastic rope is a key to carrying your essentials for getting away from the urban jungle.

Cruise through rivers, oceans, and lakes comfortably. Its soft non-slip EVA form deck pad can let you enjoy yoga poses or extended fishing adventures. Go surfing and don’t lose the board, all thanks to its stainless steel D ring for your ankle leash.

Grab it with ease using its center grip neoprene handle. Its composite coating makes sure that your deck aesthetics stay there as long as you can remember.



Constructed from durable strength, stability reinforced PVC drop stitch core material

Soft non-slip EVA form deck pad

Bungee rope storage system

Comfortable center grip neoprene handle

High-pressure quick inflation/deflation bravo valve, air pressure up to 15 PSI

Stainless steel D ring on the tail for ankle leash



  1. UV printing drop-stitch core for higher compressive, tensile strength and stiffer
  2. Inner rail layer for extra air-tight seal
  3. Outer rail layer for smooth and compact bonding of all layers
  4. Composite coating with heavy-duty PVC layer



  • 1×paddle board
  • 1×durable backpack
  • 1×hand pump with pressure gauge
  • 1×10’ankle leash
  • 1×compact 3-piece aluminum paddle
  • 1×repair kit

Item no. NV-RST11PC

Inflated size: 11’×32″×6″

Rider weight: up to 330lbs

Max pressure: 15psi

Net weight: 25.4lbs

Package dimensions L×W×H: 35.83×14.18×10.24 inches

Package weight: 37.5lbs

Technology: reinforced drop stitch