SUP Tribal Palm


Ride the waves while staying high and dry with one of the best all-around SUPs from Nirvana. The SUP Tribal Palm sports a unique tropical-inspired print, matching the all-time high of summer. Its nose is shaped classically to help you grow your skill level every time you ride it. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly paddleboard, here’s one worth a try.

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Whether you want an SUP for surfing or yoga, this all-around board can handle you well. The SUP Tribal Palm is made with a three-layered structure that’s superior to most two or one-layered boards.

It comes with a classic tropical vibe aesthetic that’s printed using UV-technology. Now, you can trust that its print will last longer since it’s more sun resistant. Love it and never leave it once you get your hands on one of these!

No matter what is your skill level, you can enjoy the SUP Tribal Palm. It’s designed to be fun that’s efficient for surfing or cruising in the lake.

Live like a pro without skipping a day on the water. Bring a pet or a pal. This SUP is your all-around paddleboard.