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Top 10 Must-Have SUP Accessories

In our previous article, we have deep-dived on points to consider when buying a SUP board. Before you begin your paddling adventure, why not make it better by bringing along these accessories and gear?

These additional accessories will give you a better experience while paddleboarding right away. Here’s a list of our top 10 SUP accessories that can make your life easier when it comes to maintenance and performance on the water.

1. Personal Flotation Device

Like most sports, accidents are present as well in stand up paddleboarding, and that’s where PFD or personal floatation device comes into place. Having a life vest or any PFD is vital when you SUP on rough waters such as the beach or even at calm waters like a lake.

Consider getting a flotation device with pockets so you have a bit of storage to carry a few important items.

2. SUP Leash

Similar to a PFD, a SUP leash is beneficial for your safety while paddling. A leash is essential for safety, regardless of experience or swimming ability. In even mild currents or breezy conditions, your SUP can float away from when you fall off.

A SUP leash is specially made by coiling the cords which ensure you don’t get tangled up while paddling and have a minimal drag in the water. But when fully extended, a SUP leash will still give you a safe distance between you and the board if you wipeout. The coils give up to five times the length when fully extended.

3. SUP Anchor

Believe it or not, some paddleboarders carry anchors whenever they paddle!

For paddlers who like to be stationary for a period of time, such as when you go fishing or SUP yoga, a paddleboard anchor is very beneficial. It will prevent your board from drifting into the middle of the ocean or any body of water you are in with your SUP board.

If you’re thinking that anchors would be heavy and bulky, don’t worry. They are incredibly compact and light enough so they will not weigh your paddleboard down. Some anchors are foldable so storing and carrying them will be a breeze.

4. Waterproof phone case

Okay, technically, they are not a SUP board accessory but this is an essential item as well when you’re paddling.

Nowadays, we cannot leave home without our mobile phone. It is a vital tool for us to still get connected with the world even if you’re physically miles away from other people.

Not all phones are waterproof and making the mistake of bringing your non-waterproof phone while paddling can be upsetting and stressful. But there is a solution for that,  a waterproof phone case!

You can strap this pouch around your neck, which is great if you’re wearing a swimsuit or swimming trunks with no pockets. You can even use your phone while it is in the case, so you can take pictures of your mesmerizing view!

5. Dry bag

If you think just bringing your phone is not enough and you want to bring other valuable possessions with you on the water such as clothes, keys, and snacks, then you should get a dry bag.

Dry bags are lightweight storage bags that keep your valuables dry. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to match your needs and personality. Most dry bags have adjustable shoulder straps but if you get a small one, you can put them under the bungee cords of your board.

When buying a dry bag, don’t get the cheapest option. This may cost you a lot once it gets submerged with your things in it. It is best to get a dry bag with high-rated customer reviews.

6. Rail Guard Tapes

A stand-up paddleboard is an investment and, of course, we all want it to be protected from any breakage as much as possible. For additional protection, consider buying a rail guard tape that helps protect your paddleboard from scratches and bumps while colliding with other foreign objects in the water or while in transport.

Additionally, it can also cover up any dents and minimal damage that the board may incur overtime.  Rail guard tape will be valuable to have if you’re planning to sell your SUP board in the future.

7. Paddle Board Seat

It may be silly but, yes, you can sit down on a stand up paddleboard! With the help of a paddleboard seat attachment, you can enjoy the experience of kayaking by just using your SUP!

A paddleboard seat attachment that can be mounted on your paddleboard. This can be done very easily. You can mount the seat to the D-rings that are on most paddleboards. Typically, an attachable seat has two straps in the front and two in the rear that gives a wide range of adjustability.

8. SUP Lights

If you haven’t experienced paddleboarding at night, you’re missing out. There’s something extraordinary about the gliding under the moon and the stars. The air feels cleaner and the surrounding sight appears grander.

While it is an experience like no other, night paddle boarding is riskier than day paddling, as you can imagine. SUP lights, among other paddling essentials, are important for your safety. From afar, your board will glow and be noticeable to other people.

9. SUP Lock

Believe it or not, stand up paddleboards get stolen more often than you think, especially when unattended. To protect yourself from losing your beloved board, you will need a SUP lock.

When going for a quick paddle, you don’t have to worry about losing your SUP. But if you need to be at the beach the whole day, at some point, you need to leave your SUP board for some time, either to grab lunch or visit the restroom.

10. Paddle Board Roof Rack

With its overwhelming length, traveling with a SUP board by car can be a bit frustrating, unless you have a big space on your trunk like a pickup truck. But storing it somewhere with lots of contacts may result in scratches and dings, not only to your SUP but to your vehicle as well.

Thankfully, there are roof racks that you can just install on the roof of your car.  Good-quality roof rack pads will protect your board and vehicle from damage on route to the water.


Beginners may be satisfied with having basic SUP essentials. But as a more advanced SUP paddler, you’ll realize that accessories make paddleboarding much more exciting.

So, what are you waiting for? On your next paddling adventure, make sure to get these stand up paddleboard accessories and see how much better your experiences will be.

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